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Providing responsive time-to-market and after-sales support.

ABANA’s service capabilities has been developed and being continuously developed to respond to the changing and diverse market requirements.

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Cash-in-Transit Services

ABANA is bringing its decades of success in the banking and telecom sectors into the retail market.
ABANA provide solutions for the front office and back office operations from banknote solutions, managing customer queues, to tailored products and solutions to fulfill customer requirements'.
ABANA’s network of 21 service centers is ideal for retailers, government institutions, health care providers, and other business entities who have multiple branches throughout Kingdom-wide.
ABANA’s product portfolio includes banknote and coin counting and sorting solutions, bulk deposit machines, queuing system, security systems, among others.


site services

ABANA offers a unique service to ensuring that sites (branches or ATM sites) are in compliance with the customers’ quality standards.


ABANA provide site quality audit services based on a pre-established and comprehensive quality checklist, criteria, and points system. ABANA use quantitative and qualitative techniques to measure the quality level of the sites.


ABANA quality audit findings are supported by facts and detailed information and photos uploaded to a site audit application where customers have direct access.  The application has a dashboard, and various reports that will enable its customers to get an over-all perspective of the quality situations of its branches and ATM site and dig deeper to the smallest details of information.

The service has Kingdom-wide coverage.


Service Overview:

  • Develop site database with locations, photos, GPS coordinates, surrounding area, etc.
  • Develop a comprehensive checklist with points system that correspond to customers quality objectives
  • Conduct site quality audit with frequency based on the SLA and propose corrective actions, if necessary
  • Provide access to a web-based application to view dashboards, audit reports, and other customized reports
  • Coordinate with the relevant contracts to take actions on the findings with the objective of ensuring that site quality is improved